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VMWare Security

Welcome to the VMWare Security Resource Centre, a Secon managed website.

We believe in knowledge sharing. We know that by providing access to the latest thinking and debates we can increase awareness of the importance of securing your VMWARE environment.

This resource centre has been designed as a way to share relevant resources and create a community of individuals committed to VMWARE Security and best practices.

It provides VMWare technical administrators, students, development professionals and all those interested in securing VMWare environments with access to best practice, research and training on the key issues and debates in the field.

The VMware security guides are for those responsible for VMWare security issues who want to understand how 3rd party tools can be used in securing their virtualised environment. They provide an introduction to the issues, challenges and institutions relevant to the work of VMWare Security.

We enable VMWare administrators and VMWare security professionals to share knowledge and develop new responses to making VMWare environments more secure. On this resource centre we have also included articles and reports produced by VMware security technology partners, as well as VMWare technicians which look in depth at key issues related to VMWare secure environments.

We would like to thank all the VMWare technology partners, institutions and individuals who are supporting this site.

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